New Timesheet Import Format

We’ve added a new Timesheet feature to EasyPay. We have added the ability to import a new, more convenient, format of timesheet into EasyPay. The new format is simpler than the previous format and will be useful to any company using timesheets – particularly for shift work. More details are available in the EasyPay help

Annual Employment Survey

As most of you will know, all employers are required to submit the Annual Employment Survey to the Gibraltar Government Statistics Office by this Friday, or there is a chance they may be struck by lightning. The survey can be produced automatically in EasyPay after paying the October payslips. To produce the form go to

EasyPay V21.96

The current version of EasyPay is V21.96. Over the last few months, our programmers have been incentivised and working diligently to deliver the next significant update. There have also been a number of important bug fixes. As always, you can update your system automatically to the current version by going to the Help Menu and

Employers Annual P8 Tax Submission

As many of you know, the deadline for submitting the employer’s annual tax statement (P8) was 31st July. The annual tax statement (P8) is submitted to the tax office by means of an XML file to the Tax Office portal. Due to the volume of files that the Tax Office processes at this time of

New Minimum Wage

Just a short reminder that the new minimum wage in Gibraltar has been increased from £8.10 to £8.60. The Employment Service has confirmed that this effectively changed on 1st August 2023.

Recent Tax

Through his annual budget address in Parliament, the Chief Minister announced tax changes that were to take effect from 1st July 2023. An EasyPay update incorporating the announced changes was released within three days of the announcement. Generally, there was approximately a 1% reduction in tax for those earning under £100k. On Monday, 24th July,

Payroll End Of Year & Tax Submissions 30th June 2023

Time certainly does fly and here we are at the end of another payroll year already! As it is that time of year, we thought we would include some information about the year end. All employers need to do a submission before 31st July 2023. However, before starting the submission, all employers should first check

Social Insurance Increase 1st July 2023

HMGoG has announced a change in social insurance contribution rates in Gazette Notice 4981, Legal Notice No. 231. The Employer’s SI Contribution has dropped by 1%, however the minimum and maximum contribution amounts due have increased slightly. EasyPay has already been updated to reflect this change. Click this link to download the new table of