New Users / Installations

To perform a brand new installation you will need to download the installation program.

Download EasyPay Installation Software for Windows 10 & 11 Only (64 Bit)

Download EasyPay Installation Software for Windows 8 & 10 Including Apple Macs (32 Bit)

Download EasyPay Installation Instructions


For installation on MacOS, please refer to the installation instructions.

For users with an Apple M1 or M2 based computer, there are currently compatibility issues with software such as Microsoft Windows which expect to be resolved in the next few months. In the meantime, it is possible to run EasyPay on VMWare Fusion 14 (Currently in beta)

For EasyPay Updates

We issue product updates almost every week to upgrade the product for new legislation, add new features, add support for new operating system updates and fix bugs. We recommend that all customers upgrade regularly, ideally every few months to take advantage of the latest update. In particular we recommend that all users upgrade frequently during the months June through September. (During these months the Gibraltar Government will often announce changes to the tax / social legislation, and typically also changes to forms & procedures.)

For those customers who would like to update their existing EasyPay installation, simply go to the help menu within EasyPay and select the option “Check For Updates”. EasyPay will download and perform all available upgrades automatically without user intervention. There is no need for the additional expense of arranging for an IT technician to attend to perform the updates.

If your network setup prevents automatic Internet updates, then you will need to carry out the update manually. The manual updates files are listed below:

EasyPay Manual Update Files


Other Useful Documents

If you wish to move a EasyPay from one computer to another, you will find instructions here

The latest EasyPay email plugins are available from here

For a sample DOS script to schedule EasyPay backups, click here

If you interrupted an EasyPay upgrade and receive a message that an update is still in progress, you will find instructions here

To rollback an EasyPay update, you will find instructions here.