EasyPay V21.96

The current version of EasyPay is V21.96. Over the last few months, our programmers have been incentivised and working diligently to deliver the next significant update. There have also been a number of important bug fixes.

As always, you can update your system automatically to the current version by going to the Help Menu and selecting “Check for updates.”

Time Sheets Update

This month we have a fairly significant update to a very underutilised section of EasyPay. In short, we have made improvements which make it easier to import Timesheets into EasyPay.

To state the obvious, a Timesheet is typically an excel file detailing the number of hours worked. It could also optionally include hours of overtime, annual, unpaid or sick leave. The Time Sheets section is designed to assist with the import of hours automatically from spreadsheets.

To be honest most EasyPay users are probably not even aware that this section even exists! It’s particularly useful for two scenarios:

  1. For large companies where each department head signs off on a spreadsheet of hours worked by their personnel each month to Payroll. Particularly, where there is shift work.
  2. For companies that provide outsourced payroll services. The outsourced company can simply forward an approved spreadsheet of hours each month to the payroll team.

The Time Sheets section basically allows you to import spreadsheets. It provides a controlled mechanism to import the hours, check the hours and then apply the changes to payroll. There are three different file formats available. The most popular format is format 1 – a horizontal format. There are settings within the system to customise the columns within the spreadsheet and tailor it for your business. An example timesheet is shown below.

The Time Sheets is a feature available only in EasyPay Professional or Enterprise. The section can be turned on or off by an EasyPay administrator in the User Access Rights option on the admin menu.

If you are interested in more information on this feature, we have recently updated the help file within EasyPay with more information.

New Overtime Report

A new overtime report has been added to Period Reports in the payroll section. The report is a useful summary of overtime taken in a particular payroll period i.e. week or month. The new report is called Overtime Report.

Export Periods (Batch)

We have added a new option to export a batch of reports with one click. This is useful for companies who offer outsourced payroll services to other companies. The new option is on the Payroll Options menu. Under Payroll Reports, there is now an option to Export Period Reports (Batch). This feature will automatically export some of the more common Period reports in PDF format to a selected folder. There is also the option to password these reports.

Miscellaneous Bugs & Minor Improvements

We have fixed a number of bugs and made slight improvements in the last 3 months. These included adding a few extra checks to the production of the P8 for issues such as special characters and incorrect social insurance payments. Added additional feedback to the P8 XML generation routine. Added the display of Day Rate to the contract section. Added a foot note to the social insurance tab to show the number of weeks in the current period. Improved Payroll processing date handling when you reopen older periods. Slight update to the Employment survey. Fixed some minor bugs and refined the process of the import of employees from a spreadsheet. Added new custom payslips and reports for a few companies.

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