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EasyPay is the result of over 20 years experience in the field developing and supporting payroll software throughout Gibraltar. To date it remains the most comprehensive payroll and Human Resources software package available for Gibraltar business.

The software contains many unique time-saving features and automates most of the mundane tasks associated with carrying out a payroll. The software was specifically developed to address the need for a more accurate, easier and less labour intensive way to do the payroll. It has over the years evolved to meet the growing needs of businesses in Gibraltar.

First and foremost, EasyPay enables users to effortlessly create and manage payslips for employees. The software is streamlined to make it quick and intuitive to produce each payslip. The logic for tax, social insurance and other government legislation is built into the software, so payroll officers can produce payslips without needing to remember or manually make adjustments to cater for Gibraltar’s unique and quirky regulations.

Screenshot of employee record

The system is very widely used and is the only system that correctly handles the diverse range of payroll income and deduction types that exist in many different types of industry of Gibraltar. Our customers range from all sectors such as – Retailers, Hotels, Law companies, Construction companies, Accounting practices, Online Gaming, Payroll Bureaus and Banks. EasyPay is also still the only payroll system in Gibraltar that automates all the different official tax rules.

The software is regularly updated for changes in local legislation, tax, social insurance, new Government forms and more. It features a fully automated Internet update facility.

The software is designed to run across a network and multiple staff can access the same database at the same time.

Based on SQL Server Database technology it offers a fast, flexible and comprehensive way to manage large amounts of employee information. Whether a company of 5 employees, or 5000, EasyPay can help!

Payroll Key Features

• Extremely easy to use.
• Unlimited number of companies.
• Pay Monthly, Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly or Annually.
• Accurately calculates Gibraltar Government tax automatically and incorporates all tax tables and calculation methods since 2005.
• Accurately calculates Social Insurance automatically according to the latest regulatory changes.
• The only payroll system that can accurately and automatically calculates the tax on bonuses according to Income Tax office guidelines.
• Handles all types of worker: casual, salaried and contract.
• Multiple payslip formats. E.g. Distribute payslips on pre-printed stationery, blank paper, security payslips or encrypted email. We also offer custom payslips with your logos and branding.
• Fully customisable and flexible list of pay elements / transaction types for income or deductions.
• Automatically handles recurring transactions. For example, set up a repeating deduction for healthcare, or a staff loan repayment which will debit until the balance has been paid.
• Support for advanced or deferred payments.
• Keeps payroll history online indefinitely for reference or reprinting. Under Gibraltar law, companies are required to store their payroll history for at least 7 years for the Income Tax office. Information can be purged when no longer required.
• Produces ALL required forms for submission to the Income Tax department E.g. P7, P7a, P8, P12, Section 68, Tax & SI Remittances.
• Produces ALL required forms for submission to the Spanish Tax Authorities (Hacienda).
• Exports reports to CSV, Excel, PDF and other formats.
• Easy end of month and end of year processes. Fully reversible.
• Produces payment files in the required format for local Banks.
• Tried and tested across a wide range of companies in different industries including Retail, Banking, Construction, Accounting, Hotels, Gaming and Legal sectors.
• Easy and quick to setup. An import facility makes it simple to import your employees from your existing payroll system or spreadsheets.
• Simple integrated backup facility.
• Based on fast, robust and secure Microsoft SQL Server technology.

The Professional and Enterprise versions also offer:

• Facility to email payslips by encrypted PDF
• Facility to pay employees in multiple currencies.
• Automatic support for split payments to employees. Cross-border workers will often ask to deposit all or part of their salary to a euro account, with the remainder to a sterling account.
• Easy facility to import transactions from a spreadsheet onto payslips.
• Comprehensive pensions facility including forms required for submission at year end.
• Convenient facility to record payslip notes for future reference.
• Prints comprehensive payroll reports by department or location. More than 80 inbuilt reports and charts. Custom report development service available to meet any specific requirements.
• Produces ALL required forms for the Gibraltar Government Employment Service E.g. New Contract, Notification of variation, Termination, Redundancy.
• Generates the Annual Employment Survey for the Gibraltar Government Statistics Office saving many hours, in some cases days of form filling work.
• Section to automatically record benefits in kind payments, with the production of required P10 report.
• Support for Gibraltar Government departments – Government Grades, Industrial & Work Agreements, Summer Hours, Shifts & Rotas, Time Cards, ARP Reports and production of Allowance Input Forms.
• Audit reports for due diligence purposes. Review current payroll against previous 2 payrolls to identify any unusual transactions.
• Facility to export the payroll transactions for any chosen period to Excel for detailed analysis.
• Integrated user manager tool. Security is role based, which is ideal for larger companies where there are different people performing different roles such as payroll, HR and leave management.

Screenshot of contracts section

Sample Payslip

Sample Terms Of Engagement Form

Sample P8 Form

HR Features (Professional and Enterprise Versions Only)

• Keep comprehensive employee information at your finger tips ranging from key personal details to contract information. The employee record is comprehensive, including information specifically needed by Gibraltar businesses such as Visas, Work Permits, Dual Nationality and other Spanish / UK Tax requirements. A complete contract history is maintained for future reference.
• Leave system for recording detailed leave records for each employee. Customisable list of leave schemes to define different levels of entitlement. Customisable and unlimited list of leave types with support. Support for Gibraltar specific leave requirements such as automated scheme progression and attendance related pay.
• Store time in lieu records for your employees.
• Store your training records online to record training courses undertaken by each employee for periodic review.
• Store career records such as appraisal meetings, promotions, bonuses, disciplinary notes, etc. for future reference.
• Integrated document management system. Securely and conveniently store employee or company documents with compression & encryption in an SQL database with different access levels.
• Store medical examination history, medical schemes and emergency contact information online for reporting.
• Store a checklist of documents on file for each employee and report on missing documentation required for compliance.
• Task Management system provides a central place to manage your HR and payroll related tasks.
• Optionally post to leading Accounting Systems such as Sage 50, Sage 200 and Xero.
• Time saving features for Payroll bureaus, with features such as “Copy Company”, “Annual Inflation routine” and “Employee Transfer between companies”.

Enterprise Version Only

• Unlimited number of employee records.
• Detailed audit logging and reporting.
• Support for the full version of SQL Server. High availability /server options ensure that businesses can take additional precautions to protect their mission critical payroll operations. E.g. Support for Always On, load balancing, clustering. More security options such as AD Integrated Authentication. More backup and recovery options such as full database recovery model allowing for the restoration of a database to a specific moment in time.
• Support for external reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and Microsoft Power BI.
• Integration with time tracking software and biometric security solutions such as Kronos to reduce data entry for payroll.

Why Choose EasyPay?

• The leading payroll and HR system on the Rock of Gibraltar for over 10 years!
• The largest, most helpful community of experienced Payroll and HR professionals in Gibraltar, available to assist if you ever need help!
• The most comprehensive support package of any software product on the Rock! 3 full time, experienced personnel available to deal with installation, payroll and IT support issues.
• Regular updates from a dedicated software development team ensure latest tax and SI changes are delivered as they happen.
• Optional EasyPay newsletter to keep informed of the latest payroll, HR and regulatory changes as soon as they occur.
• Updates are delivered automatically over the Internet with the minimum of hassle. No need to pay additional fees or wait for technicians to come round to install updates!
• Regularly scheduled training courses in a class room environment.
• Dedicated software development staff available to customise the software for any specific reporting, time management, HR integration or third party software that you require.
• Optional Support agreements available for comprehensive support arrangements to minimise payroll operations risks.