Important EasyPay Update – Tax, SI and Natwest EQ Changes

IMPORTANT: ALL EMPLOYERS need to update EasyPay to V19.94 or above.

Employers can update EasyPay automatically by going to the Help Menu and selecting “Check for updates”. In some cases, network restrictions may prevent you from performing an automatic update. To update the software manually please refer to our website at https://www.easypay.gi/downloads

This is to ensure that Employers run payroll using the latest Tax and Social Insurance calculations.

V19.94 has been compared against the official Income tax tables which were released online in the first week of August. This resulted in some further minor changes to tax and SI calculations. For example, social insurance and tax rates are now rounded off as per the new updated tables.

Note: We always try to match the official tables as closely as possible to simplify tax queries and reduce the likelihood of tax adjustments. In the future if there are ever any queries regarding EasyPay tax calculations, you can compare tax calculations with the official tables on the Income Tax website at: https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/income-tax-office/employers-and-trusts/employers

Natwest EQ

Natwest EQ have also made a change to their import file format this month, which has affected a number of companies. If you use Natwest EQ, you should update EasyPay to V19.95 or above to ensure that you had the new file format – otherwise you will experience an error message importing files into EQ.

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