New Gibraltar Income Tax Submission Process

The new online submission facility has just gone live this week. The facility is available at https://tax.egov.gi

Employers need to complete their online submissions to the Tax Office by 30th September.

The old P8 and P12 (Pensions) forms have now become obsolete and have been replaced with a new electronic format.

The process is detailed below. We would recommend that companies submit as soon as possible. Note: The new facility is much more stringent than the old submission process and we have noticed that first time submissions can be rejected for various reasons. For example, a submission can be rejected if an employer or employee forgets to register important details with the Tax Office. If an Employer does encounter issues with their submission, they will receive a report listing these issues by email from the Tax Office. Employers should allow at least a few days to resolve any possible issues.

The New End Of Year Submission Process

Here is a brief summary of the end of year submission process for EasyPay users.

1. First check that you have updated EasyPay to the latest version. Version 19.48 or newer. The EasyPay version number is displayed at the very top of the EasyPay application window when you run it.2. If you need to update EasyPay, you can update it automatically by going to the Help Menu and selecting the option “Check For Updates”. Alternatively please visit the downloads section of our website https://www.easypay.gi for details on performing a manual update.

3. Go into EasyPay and produce the normal P8 and P12 reports. Check that the information looks correct. EasyPay will also inform you if any important information is missing when you produce these reports.  You can find these reports on the payroll screen, under company reports – make sure you have tax year 2019 selected at the top!)

4. If the company has paid employees through the BEAT (or Furlough) schemes over the previous months, you will need to make sure that these payslips have been recorded into EasyPay correctly. The new file format requires that this BEAT information is included in the submission. Please note: Unfortunately the old obsolete P8 form has not been updated for BEAT and may not fully reflect BEAT Payments.

5. To produce the new file for submission, go to the payroll screen in EasyPay. Make sure you have the right tax year selected at the top – 2019.

6. Go to the drop-down menu at the top of the screen called Payroll Options. The option is called “Online Tax Submission” under Tax Year End. Click it.

7. The system will then create an XML file, which you can upload to the Tax Office website at https://tax.egov.gi

8. You will need to enter your email address and click submit. The Tax Office will then email a link to you.

9. Click on the link in the email. On the website which pops up, go to “Step 1 – Select the template you wish to upload”. Click and select P8.

10. Click the browse button to choose the XML File to upload.

11. Read the declaration. Click the check box to acknowledge you have read the declaration.

12. Click the Upload button to upload the document. A small message will appear at the top of the page to indicate whether the file has transferred successfully.

13. The Income Tax Office will revert by email within a few days with a detailed report indicating if your file was accepted or rejected. If it is rejected, the report will detail the reasons for the rejection.

The P10 (Benefits In Kind) Form

The P10 form remains unchanged this year, however the Tax Office have requested that this is sent to them by email. You can produce this form from the Benefits In Kind section of EasyPay Professional, or complete the manual form which can be downloaded from the Tax Office website. The form will need to be printed, signed, scanned and submitted by email to the PAYE department at paye.enquiries@gibraltar.gov.gi

New Tax & SI Changes

The Gibraltar Parliament returns Wednesday. It is therefore possible there will be further changes to Tax and Social Insurance in the next few weeks. We will let you know as soon as we learn of any new changes. In the meantime, please regularly update your EasyPay systems to ensure you have the latest updates.

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