EasyPay V21.38

We have just released EasyPay V21.38. We would encourage all customers to update to V21.38 at their earliest convenience.

You can update automatically by going to the Help menu at the top and selecting Check for updates. Alternatively, please visit the downloads page of our website https://www.easypay.gi for details of how to perform a manual update.

Here is a list of some of the more significant recent changes:

1. Updated Employment Survey form to match this year’s format.
2. Changed the Employee Record / Payroll Related / Payslip history report. Added the ability to specify 9999 to list all years for a complete history.
3. Added an option to update the Gib Residency field automatically using the personal address country. This is on the Admin menu.
4. Updated Natwest EQ SEPA Format due to a change in Bank requirements – Transaction date now is the same as the value date.
5. Changed the Bank letter in EasyPay to allow entry of IBAN numbers.
6. Added a check that if a bank account number is less than 8 characters or sort-code not 6 characters, it will be highlighted in red on screen to show it is incorrect.
7. Extended the size of the payslip message
8. Added new payroll shortcut under the payroll options drop down menu – Set payslip message. This will allow you to set the same message easily on all created payslips in that pay period.
9. Updated Government website links on the Help menu.
10. Added a button to clear two factor authentication for an EasyPay User. This may be needed if user loses or reinstalls their mobile.
11. Added new payslip format – Standard 1 per page. This can be changed in Company Settings.
12. Updated the P8 XML format to include more checks. Some companies had their P8 rejected due to special characters in the company name such as an & ampersand or – hyphen. In some cases companies had a space in their Tax Reference, which is now no longer permitted.
13. Added warning to change employee to PN if over 60 years of age at payslip start date.
14. Fixed an annoying bug with V21.37 where the warning to change the employee to PN was coming up for employees younger than 60!!
15. Added Maltese to list of nationalities.

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