EasyPay V21.11 Update

In  January there have been a series of incremental updates. The main changes are listed below. We recommend that all users upgrade at their convenience. Users can upgrade automatically by going to the Help menu in EasyPay and choosing Check For Updates. If network restrictions prevent automatic software updates, you can update manually by following the instructions on the downloads page.

EasyPay Professional – New Features

We’ve added new export features to EasyPay Professional. These make it more convenient to export these documents to an external document management system, or an employee portal.

1. Added option to export all payslips for the selected payroll period as PDFs to a folder.

2. Added option to export all annual P7s as PDFs to a folder.

We’ve also added updated the official list of public holidays for 2022 in EasyPay Professional.

EasyPay Standard – Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with pensions lines sometimes not appearing on a payslip.

EasyPay (All Versions) – Application Security Improvements

Following a software security audit commissioned by one of our customers, a focus of EasyPay updates this month has been on strengthening and updating security. In particular we have added additional measures to help prevent memory hacking tools trying to intercept sensitive information.

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