EasyPay V21.05 Update

A series of updates have been released over the last few months, which include updated reports, forms and minor improvements.

The most significant changes are highlighted below. We encourage all users to keep their EasyPay software up to date. The software will offer the option to upgrade automatically every few weeks, but if your network security prevents automatic updates then please refer to our downloads page for future information.

Option to automatically email the encryption password to the employee.

  1. Update the Government Employment survey slightly to match this year’s format.
  2. Minor tweaks to the Employment Service forms (P7, P7A, Termination, etc.)
  3. The initial Company Selection window is now sortable – by clicking on column headings.
  4. Natwest EQ file format has been revised to match recent changes.
  5. Updated A4 Self sealer mailer security payslip format.
  6. A number of new bespoke reports requested by local employers.
  7. The database upgrade routine has been optimised and is slightly faster.
  8. Wide range of bug fixes.
  9. Ongoing changes as we update our technology stack and migrate customers ahead of EasyPay V22.

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