EasyPay V19.14 Update, Our first significant update for 2020!

With a new year, comes a new version of EasyPay! Version 19.14 has been released today. It contains some very useful new features and functionality.

Existing Customers can upgrade free of charge by either going to the Help Menu within EasyPay and selecting “Check for updates” to update automatically or downloading the update manually from the download section of this website.

Significant new features:
Added Redundancy Calculator to EasyPay Professional.
Added new Assets section under the Employment screen to record the assets assigned to individual employees. (EasyPay Professional only)
Added new Job Management section which allows users to administer the jobs associated with individual employees and track vacant positions. EasyPay Professional users can turn on this new section from within the User Access Rights menu option.
Added Notification Of Vacancy report and Vacant Positions reports to Job Management.
Added Asset Types to Settings / Employment, needed for the new Assets section in Employment.
Updated DSS Form – Employer’s Declaration of Employee’s Social Insurance Contributions
Added Contract History report to Employee record reports.
Added option to import training records from an Excel spreadsheet – under the Admin menu options.
Added option to import Assigned Assets from an Excel spreadsheet – under the Admin Menu options.
Add Tax / P8 Record Type field to contract record – which is needed for the P8 for 2020, and online tax submission.
Added option to generate the online Tax submission file for the income tax office. This is currently under test with the tax office.
Modified Period Reports (Batched) report to include additional reports. This report is a time saver for those who offer Payroll Bureau services.

Minor changes and bug fixes:
Added option to turn on automatic generation of Work Reference numbers in Company Settings
Minor improvements and simplifications to Reports viewer.
Minor fixes to different access levels of drop down menus.
Removed 3 Old reports for old format P4 / P5 / P8. These are over 10 years old and will never be used.
Minor improvements to the Benefit In Kind section.

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