New Gibraltar Income Tax Submission Process

The new online submission facility has just gone live this week. The facility is available at https://tax.egov.gi Employers need to complete their online submissions to the Tax Office by 30th September. The old P8 and P12 (Pensions) forms have now become obsolete and have been replaced with a new electronic format. The process is detailed below. We would recommend

Upcoming Change to P8 Submissions

The Gibraltar Income Tax Office announced yesterday that the existing Employers Income Declaration Form (P8) has been discontinued. There will be a new form released in upcoming weeks to include additional information for furloughed employees and other BEAT scheme measures. The deadline for the submission of revised P8 form has been extended to 31st August

EasyPay V19.31 Update – April Payroll & COVID-19 Part 2

The Gibraltar Government has made a number of further announcements since our last newsletter regarding the new measures for COVID-19. Instead of repeating all of these in this short newsletter, if you are interested in a summary of these measures then I would recommend checking out the Gibraltar Federation of Small Business (GFSB) website. It

EasyPayV19.27 Update – April Payroll & COVID-19

The Gibraltar Government has announced a number of COVID-19 measures to help businesses through this difficult period. The majority of measures were announced in the Chief Minister’s speech on March 24th. The full speech can be found at this link  We have just released an EasyPay update, V19.27, to help with the new measures. In